Invest Like A Hedge Fund Manager With These Innovative Apps

Get access to same strategies and advice as professional investors with one of these sites.

One of the highlights of the rise of Fintech has been the “democratization” of finance, opening opportunities for investments, advisors, services, and assets once reserved for only high wealth individuals. As a result, many DIY investors now have access to the same strategies as the big Wall Street hedge funds or the ability to track the hedge funds’ portfolios themselves:

1. Hedgeable – Hedgeable aims to bring the hedge fund experience to every investor using an automated investing platform run on Hedgeable’s data model to protect against downside risk. Mores specifically, Hedgeables platform is designing to take track markets as they rise, and through automated rebalancing of your portfolio, protect your from losses when markets fall. You start by answering a series of questions about the type of account you’d like to open, the amount of money you have to invest, your investment horizon, and your risk tolerance. Hedgeable then provides a customized portfolio of securities. Hedgeable also offers the opportunity to invest in bitcoin, social impact companies, and even venture capital for qualified investors. There are no account minimums and fees range from 0.3% to 0.75% annually

2. Motif – Motif offers a more self-guided approach with a database of hundreds of professional, and thousands of community, portfolios based on everything from Bitcoin to Biotech, precious metals to online gaming. For as little as $250, Motif also offers participation in JP Morgan led IPOs. The minimum account is $5000 and comissions are $9.95 per trade for Motif trade, and $4.95 for pure stock trades.

3. M1 Finance – M1 Finance offers professional created “pies” or pre-allocated portfolios of different securities to meet various growth and risk goals, track certain industries, build social impact portfolios, and even track specific hedge funds like Berkshire Hathaway. Most of all, M1 Finance is FREE, no commissions, no maintainance fees, and accounts can be opened for $100 (taxable) to $500 (IRA).

4. iBillionaire – With automated weekly and monthly deposits, iBillionaire lets you start investing for as little as $5, while allowing you to pick thematic portfolios based on goals, sectors, and specific funds. From tracking Ichan and Bridgewater to investing in Bitcoin and Brazil, iBillionaire charges no comission fees with monthly membership costing $1 for accounts under $3000 and 0.65% for larger accounts.

So whether you’re looking for a guided approach or an easy way to implement your own strategy, investing with one of these platforms will insure your money is going exactly where it needs to.

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