The Bargain Bin Guru’s 12 Month Expense Tracker Available for Download

In what hopes to be the first of many free personal finance models, I am happy to announce the 12 Month Expense Tracker is available for download on the free budget templates tab. All that is required is Excel and a .csv of your bank and credit card transactions. It is recommended that you go back a full 12 months to be able to take advantage of the trends, but the model will work if you choose to start with this month and populate going forward.

Some of the features:

• Month over month comparison tracking 5 major categories and 25 subcategories
• Last 12 month trend analysis in both total $ and as a % of total expenses
• Comparisons to national average expenses taken from the US Department of Labor’s Consumer Expenditure Survey

Feedback is greatly appreciated and any comments, suggestions, or issues with the model can be submitted using the site’s contact form.

Happy tracking!

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