Friday’s Best From Around The Web

Congrats! You’ve made it to the weekend. Now sit back and pass the time till happy hour by checking out these great articles from around the web this week:

With the stock market locked in turmoil, what should you do with your retirement savings? Short answer: Don’t panic. (Two Cents at Lifehacker)

Check out this great discussion on What Financial Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self. (Two Cents at Lifehacker)

Tax season is upon us; here are 10 Forms You Need To Know Before You File. (Nerdwallet)

While many have been taught to avoid credit like the plague, there are a few great reasons to choose credit over debit when making a purchase. (Nerdwallet)

Aldi shoppers in Philidelphia be on the look out for a credit card skimming ring impacting local stores (

Sometimes smaller expenses are missed during budgeting because we don’t realize how much is being spent. Avoid these “Money Sinks” with these tips. (The Simple Dollar)

Interested in outfitting your home with solar, check out this DIY set-up. (Mr. Money Mustache)

Looking to buy a new car in 2018? Check out this list of new cars with the lowest five-year cost to own. (Jalopnik)

If you’ve been delaying getting that passport renewed, now is the time before fees go up. (Lifehacker)

And finally, check out this amazing deal from CVS: Free heart health screenings at Minute Clinics in February. (The Penny Hoarder).

Happy savings and enjoy the weekend!

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